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  • PC-Laptop/GUI
  • Smartphone/Apps
  • Cell/Sat comm.
  • Intranet/Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee Mesh
  • Radio Modems
  • Light/IrDA
  • Mixed, Wire, Other…


From simple low cost switches, to fully automated, control loop, smart management systems, & other input/interface technologies. We will develop a solution that meets your budget, time to market, or integrate into your existing equipment or system.


Many power systems are available for all applications large & small.

Renewable energy or Gas/Diesel/LP! Combining Solar & Wind Turbine is the best solution for all year & all weather.

AC/DC, DC/AC, up/down converters, inverters, charger/maintainers, battery, battery backup, solar, wind/water turbines, generators, and fuel cell. Call us we have it, renewable energy!


Many portable, temporary & permanent mounting options for IST and other devices and systems. Lights, signals, signs, wireless, message boards, displays, solar/wind, control panels, user interfaces.

Pole, pedestal, mast arm, stand, trailer, vehicle, buoys, bridges, gates, device, existing structures, towers, & more!


MUTCD Traffic Sign & Signals for any job, industry, roadway. DOT, ITS, ITE, certified/approved developed & design to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and regulatory agencies, State/Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. “MUTCD”

Lights/Strobes- LEDs

Safety Assist Sign Flashers “SASF” flasher signals, wigwag, EMS or Extinguishing Flasher/Text. Use 24/7 or automatic at night, vehicle or speed detected, high water, ice, tipping etc.. Add our sensors, detectors, power, “systems” etc…

Changeable Message Signs

Also called, Dynamic, Text, Variable, Extinguishable…, message signs, LED VMS/CMS/EMS. Each character has 35 pixels= 5x7matrix, and Full Matrix have more pixels/cost. Count up/down for numbers can be simple 7 segment & thin.

IST has a wide line of integrated message signs systems that save cost/space/energy & increases awareness. ”AWIPS” Combining Street Name, Signs, Signals, Lights, Strobes, Preemption, Speed Radar, Photo Enforced and wireless control/monitor.

Standard text height 9in, 12in, 18in or other… Standard colors red, yellow or other… LEDs, Standard text/character length, customs, … Standard/Universal mounting, etc… See Mounting-Systems”


GPS (PVT-Position/Location, Velocity/Speed, Time/date) for many embedded applications.
Detector/Sensors (endless, too many to name); level, water, flow, proximity, height, pedestrian, vehicle, speed, direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, lighting, voltage, current, power, frequency, chemical-bio-nuclear, RFid, beam breaker, oxygen/Co2, tilt, angle, and etc… anything needed!!!


Motion detection, security, low/no light, miniature, surveillance, long range, Web/IP Network, Pan/Tilt/Zoom “PTZ”, Digital Video Recorder “DVR”… View from Internet or Smart Phone around the world!!!

Cooled IR Engines/Cameras & Un-cooled Infrared Imaging Detectors

Also combine with any IST systems, or sensor/detectors to automatically capture & record. Robotics, in-car video police, GPS, Network, back-up vehicle cameras, etc… And so much more… think of it we have it!


Mix/Combine systems, or above technologies, plug-n-play devices, repeaters, data-ports, Other…

CALL US!!! We will work hand in hand, talk to your departments “Radio”, “IT”, or design group, to give you the best “price & performance” and full service solutions in the industry. 1-866-466-4784

Wireless :PC-Laptop/GUI, Smartphone/Apps, Cell/Sat comm.,GPS/SAW/RF/RFid, Intranet/Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee Mesh, Radio Modems, Light/IrDA, Mixed, Wire, Other…